Saturday, January 10, 2009

Where did the month go?

Since my last post, tax season went into full between being back to work full time, getting ready for Christmas and finishing renovation jobs, it's no wonder I haven't posted anything. The best part of the season was having our little Logan and his Daddy and Mommy here for the holidays. We had a wonderful visit with them....Grampa Terry was TOTALLY smitten with Logan, and wanted to teach him many things from his childhood....we nipped that in the bud real fast !!! :)

The bib says it all!

The day after they left for home, Terry and I went to Texas for his sales meeting. This is a view from our room....beautiful place. The weather on arrival day was 80 day was in the 30's and icy. Oh was nice in the beautiful mall they brought us to.

The last night we went to a mini-rodeo and dance hall. We had a blast...we square-danced and two-stepped (badly)....Terry had no problem asking the dancing girls for help in getting the steps right! He even semi-mastered the electric slide....I love that he tries everything.

So....I couldn't wait to get some sewing done...this is a smaller change-purse.

You can see the size compared to the others I have done. Today I will clean my sewing room to get ready for some serious garment and bag sewing.

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