Friday, February 22, 2008


Because it looks like this today...I got to stay home from work...yea!!!! It's actually the most snow we've had this complaints. Poor Terry had to go up to Columbia University in Harlem to ref a game tonight. He just left at noon for a 7PM game (normally a 1 1/2 hour trip).....fingers crossed!.

THis is what's on my design wall at the moment...I'm trying to use up some pieces of my dyed fabrics before I dye anymore in the Spring. The row on top is pieces from last year's Melody Johnson workshop...still need to be finished.

When in Florida last week Keri (she's doing great) and I went to Ikea...I loved this polka-dot rug and carried it back on the plane. We have an Ikea here but it is a trip to go there...and I didn't know if they would have sits in my sewing room.

Speaking of Melody...this small quilt/wall hanging was made from one 3 yard piece of her luscious fabric...stripped...pieced...stripped again...pieced again...all the while trying to get the design that I did end up with...her fabric makes my heart sing...and she's pretty cool herself, too :)

Aren't these rich primary colors just fabulous!!!!

Nothing but another piece of Melody's fabric would have been good enough for the back...I've had some of her fabric in my stash since way back when she and Laura we're first in Paducah...not in the main arena but downtown at an alternate site. I've been hooked ever since.

I sent the top to Eileen Keane at Designing Quilts and she did a wonderful job....I highly recommend her. This piece was quilted with variegated thread and I love the result.

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