Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Before this Christmas I knew nothing about the Wii entertainment system. Amy bought Keri one and gave it to her a couple days early...and we all played bowling and tennis and golf. What a blast this is!!! Here's Terry showing us his form :)

What Amy didn't know was that I had bought her on Christmas Eve she got hers...and we bowled some more. On Christmas Day Jeff found his game after a few frames.

And on Monday when I went to Target to get the girls a game for the Wii's...they were selling a new shipment of, since Terry had such fun (me too!!!) I bought one for him. Below is my son-in law Mike throwing another strike! It is so realistic and great exercise.

I hope to have other pictures soon...Amy has to send them to me....Keri looks and feels great...she napped a lot. They are now in Lancaster, PA with Mike's family.


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