Monday, October 22, 2007

What A Class!!!

My class at the Crow Barn in Baltimore, Ohio with Jan Myers-Newbury was fabulous...what a week! Nancy Crow has done the quilting and surface design world a great service by building this amazing space in which to work. Nancy had a quilting class upstairs with 22 women...our class was downstairs with 16 women. Everyone in our class did different and beautiful work. Below is a picture of Nancy Bailey's last piece of fabric, and her best! It has three separate techniques and is a show-stopper.

This is how some of my pieces started....I used a different technique on each one....and it was just the first layer on each. Every piece of fabric in these pictures started out as plain white.

This is the dye studio....a dream space!

And this is where we ate our two meals a day....cooked by the wonderful Margaret....she helped me stay on my weight watchers program...and the food was wonderful. I actually lost 2 pounds when I got home.

And after multiple applications...this is some of my finished pieces of fabric. I went a bit further with a couple of's addictive! I folded, and clamped, and wrapped on a pole and scrunched it down, and then dyed them....each yielding a different result. Yum!!!

The last day we had to design a composition using the pieces we had done. The center red fabric was my last one done, and became the inspiration for my piece. It will have all circles, and the narrow piece on the left will be repeated on the right....stay tuned.

There's another class next year...advanced...most of the class was going to sign up to come back...that will be fun...I better have it done by then :)



Robin Ferrier said...

These pieces are fascinating! Thank you for sharing!

Vicki said...

WOW! What great work you did in your workshop! The fabrics are beautiful.

Mrs. Mel said...

O Marcia, what wonderful pieces and I know just how much work they were to produce. I am thrilled for you. Great quilt design too.
Now what will you sell that fabric for? Building into the price, all that effort!

EileenKNY said...

Those fabrics are absolutely luscious! What great effects you got with the different processes. So glad you had such a good time.